Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is a neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. It is an affluent and primarily residential area with residents working in Midtown and Lower Manhattan. The Upper West Side is bordered by Central Park and Riverside Park and filled with identifiable residential buildings from movies and TV shows. With direct park access, the Upper West Side is one of the greenest parts of Manhattan.

About the Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is an artistic neighborhood in Manhattan where residents and tourists can stroll the quiet streets and indulge in dining and shopping options. Neighboring communities include Hell’s Kitchen, Theatre District, Morningside Heights, and Harlem. The Upper West Side is known for its intellectual curiosity and attracts culturally-aware artists, professors, writers, and other creatives.

Lined with brownstones, the area feels like a mini suburban neighborhood with playgrounds, lawns, and grade schools within walking distance. It has an intimate feel that gets busier as you approach Columbus Circle.

Where to Eat in the Upper West Side

Even the pickiest eaters will likely find a delicious place to dine in the Upper West Side. There is food for everyone, from traditional American food choices to more exotic and ethnic dining options. Some restaurants include Broadway Bagel, Levain Bakery, Jacob’s Pickles, and Piccola Cucina Osteria. Diners can walk off their evening meal or afternoon snack with a stroll around the block of this quiet community.

What to Do in the Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is packed full of places to visit, including Lincoln Center, the Hudson River, Central Park, American Ballet Theatre, and more. The American Museum of Natural History is located in Central Park and has more than 45 exhibits and scientific collections, a planetarium, and a library. Rain or shine, there are many attractions for children and adults in the Upper West Side and surrounding areas.

Plastic Surgery Services in the Upper West Side

Gotham Plastic Surgery is a distinguished plastic surgery center in Manhattan, New York. Led by Dr. Philip Miller, Gotham Plastic Surgery executes unparalleled treatments and procedures with a focus on natural-looking results. Using innovative technology and advanced techniques, patients receive individualized care to achieve their aesthetic goals.

Dr. Philip Miller is a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience performing surgery and non-surgical procedures in New York. He is an expert in rhinoplasty and facial rejuvenation procedures and frequently shares his techniques at national plastic surgery meetings.  

Gotham Plastic Surgery helps patients achieve younger and natural-looking skin with the NatraLook® process, which explores aesthetic confidence by creating a safe experience and open discussion about treatment options in a positive and reassuring environment. Dr. Miller focuses on enhancing beauty with natural-looking changes.

Treatments Offered

Evaluating a patient's unique facial structure to identify property treatments and procedures is critical for harmonious and balanced results. Gotham Plastic Surgery creates personalized treatment plans for a natural look that is cohesive with each unique patient. Some treatment options include:

Schedule a Consultation with a Plastic Surgeon in the Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is a beautiful and fun neighborhood to explore. Go out with confidence—allow Gotham Plastic Surgery to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Contact us to learn more about treatment options and schedule a consultation. 

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Plastic Surgery from Head to Toe

At Gotham Plastic Surgery, we create custom treatment plans that combine minimally-invasive techniques and advanced technology to help patients achieve the best version of themselves. Our unique NatraFace™ approach addresses both restorative and transformative changes.

Gotham’s expert physicians perform advanced surgical and non-surgical procedures that smooth the skin around the eyes to give patients a refreshed look. Our custom NatraEye™ technique combines the use of chemical peels, lasers, eyelash enhancement, and injectables with precision procedures, including:

Our esteemed surgeons utilize the NatraNose™ technique to bring together innovative artistry and unparalleled skill to deliver results that look natural, improve nasal function, and help achieve each patient’s aesthetic goals.

Regardless of your aesthetic goals, Gotham has the skill and technique required for the breast procedure that suits you. Whether adding symmetry or restoring the breast following a mastectomy, Gotham provides patients with enhanced feminine contours and improved body proportions.

Patients from all over the world have undergone amazing body transformation at Gotham, enjoying slimmer bodies with satisfying contours. Our advanced physicians apply their skill and expert technique to precisely sculpt other areas of the body, including the cheeks, chin, buttocks, hips, love handles, knees, upper arms, thighs, and even the neck.

Known for our flawless techniques and a range of skincare options, Gotham Plastic Surgery has all the tools necessary for complete, natural, and comprehensive rejuvenation. As part of a customized treatment plan, these procedures can be performed standalone or in combination with surgical procedures for even more impressive results.

The male face ages differently than the female face, but men have similar goals of wanting to maintain their youthful appearance throughout their lives. A plastic surgeon must take the subtle differences between male and female skin, as well as what comprises the ideal look for their male patients.

No matter what your specific cosmetic concerns might be, Dr. Miller can help. At Gotham Plastic Surgery, we frequently perform the following for our male patients:

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Plastic Surgery w/ Dr. Miller

Plastic Surgery w/ Dr. Miller

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