Midtown South

A part of the southern portion of Midtown Manhattan, Midtown South constitutes an area marked by a hub of 700,000 workers, residents, and tourists. Located in Midtown South are the Empire State Building, Pennsylvania Station, Madison Square Garden, Koreatown, and NYU Langone Medical Center. It is located below 42nd Street in the borough of Manhattan within the boundaries of the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) Midtown South Boundaries.

About Midtown South

Made up of several neighborhoods, including Chelsea, Hudson Yards, and the Garment District on the West Side; Koreatown centrally; and Kips Bay, Murray Hill, and Rose Hill on the East Side, Midtown South is a highly commercialized macro-neighborhood of the borough of Manhattan in New York City. With such hotels as the Wyndam and Hyatt, Midtown South is one of the most vibrant parts of New York City for tourists. The hustle and bustle of the burrough marks a business vibe that is fast-paced.

Where to Eat in Midtown South

To truly enjoy the culinary taste of New York City, many restaurants in Midtown South are the go-to places for meetings, business lunches, and food connoisseurs. There are many different tastes to enjoy, including American grub, seafood, and Italian. Additionally, enjoy a cup of java at one of the many coffee shops located in Midtown South. Going along with the business vibe, Midtown South’s coffee shops are highly regarded places for meetings. Some of these coffee shops are Le Pain Quotidien, Birch Coffee, Gregory’s Coffee, and 2Bean. These well-known Midtown South coffee bars not only serve some of the best coffee in the world, but also some of the best sandwiches and sweet treats.

What to Do in Midtown South

Besides business as usual, Midtown South offers a variety of things to do for both the resident and tourist. Enjoy a stroll through Central Park or take an elevator to the top of the Empire State Building. Bryant Park, the Museum of Modern Art, and the New York Public Library all offer exciting places for photography and New York history.

Plastic Surgery Services in Midtown South

Providing aesthetic confidence, Dr. Philip Miller of Gotham Plastic Surgery offers a wide range of procedures in his state-of-the-art facility. Dr. Miller is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon that is considered one of the foremost experts in rhinoplasty and facial rejuvenation. Popular treatments offered at Gotham Plastic Surgery include:

Schedule a Consultation with a Plastic Surgeon in Midtown South

Located in Midtown South, the experts at Gotham Plastic Surgery can help you refresh and enhance your appearance for greater aesthetic confidence. For more information or an appointment for a consultation, contact Gotham Plastic Surgery in Midtown South today.

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Plastic Surgery from Head to Toe

At Gotham Plastic Surgery, we create custom treatment plans that combine minimally-invasive techniques and advanced technology to help patients achieve the best version of themselves. Our unique NatraFace™ approach addresses both restorative and transformative changes.

Gotham’s expert physicians perform advanced surgical and non-surgical procedures that smooth the skin around the eyes to give patients a refreshed look. Our custom NatraEye™ technique combines the use of chemical peels, lasers, eyelash enhancement, and injectables with precision procedures, including:

Our esteemed surgeons utilize the NatraNose™ technique to bring together innovative artistry and unparalleled skill to deliver results that look natural, improve nasal function, and help achieve each patient’s aesthetic goals.

Regardless of your aesthetic goals, Gotham has the skill and technique required for the breast procedure that suits you. Whether adding symmetry or restoring the breast following a mastectomy, Gotham provides patients with enhanced feminine contours and improved body proportions.

Patients from all over the world have undergone amazing body transformation at Gotham, enjoying slimmer bodies with satisfying contours. Our advanced physicians apply their skill and expert technique to precisely sculpt other areas of the body, including the cheeks, chin, buttocks, hips, love handles, knees, upper arms, thighs, and even the neck.

Known for our flawless techniques and a range of skincare options, Gotham Plastic Surgery has all the tools necessary for complete, natural, and comprehensive rejuvenation. As part of a customized treatment plan, these procedures can be performed standalone or in combination with surgical procedures for even more impressive results.

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Plastic Surgery w/ Dr. Miller

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