Venus dimples. They’re the perfect finishing touch to your figure, whether you’ve attained your ideal feminine curves through 100% natural means or with the aid of aesthetic body-contouring techniques offered in our New York office, such as liposuction, CoolSculpting® or BodyTite™.

What are Venus dimples?

body contouring procedure for venus dimples in new york Named after the ancient Roman goddess of love, Venus dimples are two symmetrical indentations in your lower back, one on either side of your spine, just above the pelvic bone. Similar to facial dimples, Venus dimples are created when your skin is tethered to underlying structures. In the case of Venus dimples, they’re caused by a short ligament that tethers an indented portion of your hip bones (the posterior superior iliac spine) to your back skin.  

Why are Venus dimples considered sexy?

Symmetry and balance are always aesthetically appealing, whether in a beautiful flower, a movie star’s harmonious bone structure, or facial or Venus dimples. Because Venus dimples are located just below the curve of your waist and are only visible when you’re showing off major skin with lingerie, bikini, or nudity, their presence highlights your curves. The dimples add depth and beauty to your contours through the play of light and shadow on the indents.

But the sexiness of Venus dimples extends beyond symmetrical contouring on your back. Literally.  The tethering of your skin to your pelvic bone increases blood flow to the area, allowing women with Venus dimples to achieve orgasm more readily and quickly.

Also, women with Venus dimples tend to already have a lovely, fit, and healthy shape. Too much excess fat may hide your dimples.

Do men have Venus dimples?

Some men also have Venus dimples. Men usually refer to these indentations as “Apollo Holes,” to pay homage to the Roman sun god, Apollo.

Can I get Venus dimples?

If neither of your parents had Venus dimples, you can’t achieve them through diet or exercise. However, if Venus dimples run in your family, you may be able to reveal or accentuate them if you lose excess body fat. Eating a healthy, whole-foods diet and getting plenty of exercise can trim your physique sufficiently to reveal your dimples.

You might also be able to build up the muscles around your dimples, to make them look more indented. While there’s no medical evidence that you’ll get deeper looking Venus dimples, an exercise routine that includes the following moves can keep your core toned and strong:

Superman: Lie on your stomach, with arms straight overhead. Lift your straight arms and legs upward and hold for a count of 10 to 30. Repeat 3 to 10 times, depending on your current fitness level.

Bridge pose: lie on your back, with your knees bent and heels near your buttocks. Lift your pelvis upward, and hold for a count of five to 10. Repeat up to 20 times.

If you’re already healthy and fit but don’t have Venus dimples, or you’d like to highlight their appearance, our renowned plastic surgeons perform a “dimpleplasty” through either nonsurgical or surgical procedures. If you’re interested in creating or accentuating Apollo Holes, we can modify the dimpleplasty to account for your male physique.

How can I create or highlight Venus dimples with cosmetic surgery?

Our doctors are innovators in body-sculpting techniques that enhance your curves and musculature. We’vee been creating and improving the look of Venus dimples for more than five years by emphasizing and contouring back muscles.

We recommends combining two proprietary procedures we developed — MuscleShadowing® and BodyBanking® —  for the most flattering and dramatic improvement. MuscleShadowing is a technique that we use to create a more three-dimensional look to your Venus dimples. By building up the surrounding musculature with your own donated fat, your Venus dimples look deeper and more prominent. We also use buttresses to help mold and support the tissues as they’re being sculpted.

BodyBanking is a concept that recognizes that some women and men who’ve undergone body contouring later end up developing fat deposits in areas that weren’t treated, if they gain weight. However, by “banking” the fat we remove from liposuction-targeted areas and transferring this fat to other areas of your face and body that would benefit from more contouring, we keep the number of fat cells you have at a near constant.

When you undergo liposuction to remove excess fatty deposits from your abdomen, back, and other areas, we recommend processing and transferring the fat to improve:

  • Venus dimples  / Apollo holes
  • Six-pack abs
  • Facial gauntness
  • Cheekbone contours
  • Arm and leg muscles
  • Breast size

If you’re not undergoing body-contouring, we remove just a small amount of fat from an area of excess, such as your lower abdomen, to use in the Venus dimples dimpleplasty. To learn more, visit

Can I get Venus dimples in New York without plastic surgery?

If you don’t opt for MuscleShadowing and BodyBanking, we can create or emphasize your Venus dimples with Kybella®. Kybella is an injectable, synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, which your body uses to process digested fat. When injected into fat that covers your posterior superior iliac spine indentations, Kybella melts the fat away to reveal the desired concaves.

You’ll need a series of up to six treatments with Kybella to melt the fat and create Venus dimples. If you don’t have excess fat in that area, Kybella won’t work for you. In such cases, we recommend cosmetic surgery to put the final touches on your physique with Venus dimples.

To find out how to make your back look its sexiest this summer, call our New York office or use the online form to contact us for a Venus dimples consultation.